The flowering trees of Brooklyn and a necklace to honor my dog, Phineas

Christa Avampato
2 min readApr 10, 2024
Magnolias in Brooklyn. Photo by Christa Avampato.

This is my first spring in my new neighborhood in Brooklyn and it’s loaded with flowering trees! I went out for a long walks over the last few days, taking in the warmth and light, the scent of flowers, and the explosion of colors. My dog, Phinny, would have loved these days. I loved them for both of us.

Cherry blossoms in historic Green-wood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Photo by Christa Avampato.

It’s hard to believe Phin passed away two months ago. I’ve been looking for a locket for a few months to carry him with me everywhere I go. On Monday, the day of the eclipse!, this one arrived. It has a blue forget-me-not flower pressed into the front. It now holds a lock of Phinny’s fur. All he ever wanted in life was to always be with me. I took him with me whenever I could (and then some!) Spiritually, he’s forever with me. Now, he’s physically with me always, too, and we’re traveling together. Our love story continues.

Me in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, wearing the locket honoring my dog, Phineas.

Today is also the anniversary of the founding of the ASPCA in New York City in 1866. Phinny prompted me to become a monthly donor almost 9 years ago for his birthday. I’m so grateful for their work and honored to support their lifesaving mission for all these years.

My soul dog, Phineas, on a healthy and happy day in Central Park, Manhattan. Photo by Christa Avampato.

It’s also national hug your dog day. I wish I could hug Phineas today, so please hug your dogs for me. They are never with us long enough no matter how long their lives are. Love every day you get with yours. Here are some blooms to brighten your Wednesday.

Cherry blossoms in Brooklyn. Photo by Christa Avampato.



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