Reflecting on how a year ago I nearly lost my life to a chemotherapy allergy

Picture of my in my hospital bed a year ago; Picture of me today

A year ago yesterday was almost my last day. After my then-oncologist ignored my symptoms for 2 weeks, I was hospitalized for a life-threatening allergy to a chemo drug that shut down my lungs. I couldn’t breathe nor walk on my own.

My dear friend, Edith, rode with me in the ambulance (and then cared for my darling dog, Phin). My doctors were unsure if I’d survive the night, and if I did it was almost certain that I’d suffer from life-long scarring on my lungs. I called my ancestors. I was determined to use the medicine and care I received in the hospital to get well. I was fortunate to have the resources and community I needed.

Yesterday I walked 10 miles in the 65-degree sunshine and appreciated every breath and every step. Not only did I survive; my body completely healed 100%. Never doubt that you can come back from the brink, that the light can return. Life finds a way, and I’m so grateful for mine.

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