New York’s hidden places to gather

Christa Avampato
3 min readJan 26, 2024
The Swan Room at Nine Orchard. Photo by Nine Orchard.

One thing I love about New York are the incredible locations to gather that are hidden in plain sight. This week, I got to spend time in three of these incredible gems: the Swan Room and East Room at Nine Orchard and the retro interior public space at 60 Wall Street before its complete demolition.

Nine Orchard is now a hotel that was the Jarmulowsky Bank over 100 years ago. The Swan Room is their main bar downstairs. Pictures are not allowed once it’s operational because they don’t want their patrons photographed (it’s quite a scene with more than a few celebrities enjoying being like the rest of us regular New Yorkers.) The East Room is a private event space upstairs that used to be the office of Sender Jarmulowsky, the founder of the bank. It’s cozy, dark, and moody. It looks down over the Swan Room where Sender was rumored to have been able to keep an eye on his bank employees and customers. (I’m thinking about the East Room as a possible space for my book launch party!) There’s a roof deck as well which is undergoing some renovations before spring arrives and I can’t wait to check it out when the weather gets warm.

The East Room and exterior of Nine Orchard. Photos by Christa Avampato.

60 Wall Street’s interior is currently being demolished. Thanks to The Municipal Art Society of New York, I was able to be one of the last people to see this weird retro space before the demolition is complete. We bid a fond farewell to the ticky tacky decor before it’s likely to become very minimalist. This is a public space where Wall Streeters have enjoyed their brown bag lunches for decades, and I think it will return as such once the lobby renovation is complete.

The interior of 60 Wall Street under demolition. Photo by Christa Avampato.

New York’s architecture, like the city, is ever-changing. What stays the same are all the delightful surprises around every corner in this magical place I’m so lucky to call home. If you ever find yourself here and you’re up for some urban exploring, I’d love to take you around and put my official New York City tour guide license to good use!



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