I’m joining the next cohort of Sanitation Foundation’s NYC Zero Waste Academy

I love talkin’ trash—as in learning and sharing ways to reduce and eliminate it! To that end I applied to join the next cohort of Sanitation Foundation’s NYC Zero Waste Academy and got accepted! Sanitation Foundation is the nonprofit partner of New York City’s Department of Sanitation. I’ve done their virtual tour of New York’s Sims Recycling Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and visited their New York Museum of Sanitation, a collection of items that New Yorker’s have discarded on the streets that were carefully curated by Sanitation Worker Nelson Molina during his 34-year career.

Now as part of the cohort, I’ll attend online classes and in-person events in May, and participate in projects related to waste management in New York. The curriculum is comprehensive and includes the following topics:

  • NYC Waste History
  • NYC’s Current Waste Landscape (Department of Sanitation New York)
  • NYC’s Current Waste Landscape (Commercial Waste Zoning)
  • Waste and Environmental Justice
  • Circular Economy 101
  • Design + The Built Environment
  • Focus on Food Waste
  • Ways to Achieve Waste Reduction and Diversion in NYC
  • Getting Involved in Your Community (In-person event)
  • Virtual field trips to Cooper Recycling and Sims Recycling
  • In-person visit with Earth Matter NY for a tour of their NYC Compost Project operations at Governor’s Island

I can’t wait to get started, learn how to take better care of our city, and meet other like-minded people who share this same passion. I’ll share what I learn along the way, and hope you’ll join me on this journey into trash.



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Christa Avampato

Christa Avampato

Award-winning author & writer—Product Dev — Biomimicry scientist — Podcaster. Runs on curiosity & joy. twitter.com/christanyc / instagram.com/christarosenyc