I asked Drew Barrymore what she never leaves home without

The Drew Barrymore Show

I had so much fun being on The Drew Barrymore Show! The authenticity, joy, and humor that Drew Barrymore and Ross Matthews radiate is part of my daily self-care routine. I started watching the show when it premiered and I was going through cancer treatment. That daily burst of joy is one of the tools I used to stay optimistic and strong. I’m so grateful to them for this gift of a show every day.

I teared up when Drew complimented me. I’m still getting used to this new hair and new body, and as my beauty icon, her compliment meant the world to me!

Watch our segment here, find out what Drew and Ross never leave home without. I hope it brightens your day!



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Christa Avampato

Award-winning author & writer—Product Dev — Biomimicry scientist — Podcaster. Runs on curiosity & joy. twitter.com/christanyc / instagram.com/christarosenyc